About the Centre

The Centre opened in 1986 after a long campaign by the local community to have a community centre right in the heart of their area. Although the Centre is primarily for “Southsiders” the building gives a warm welcome to everyone in the city who has either an interest or a connection with the South Side. Being part of a conservation area, the building has a Category ‘C’ listing and has been stylishly transformed from a church into a modern community centre.

South Side Community Centre is owned and largely funded by the City of Edinburgh Council who lease the accommodation to the South Side Community Association and it is run by the Centre’s Management Committee. This group of volunteers is elected at the Annual General Meeting and the committee provides significant resources to assist with developing the diverse range of activities that take place in the building. In the last few years, their fundraising has financed much of the internal improvements that have taken place.

The Centre consists of two general purpose rooms, café, large hall and office. It provides a great space for a variety of uses. The rooms are available for hire with the Centre being a popular venue during the annual Edinburgh Fringe.

Staff in the Centre are mainly employees of the Council but, as the Management Committee has developed and extended the programme, they employ  activity leaders for several Centre groups.

New members and visitors are welcome at South Side Community Centre. Ideas for developing the Centre’s programme are encouraged and each year we like to try to introduce something new. The building is accessible to all and the Management Committee is committed to the doctrine and ethos of inclusion – there should be no barriers to prevent anyone from enjoying the experience that is South Side Community Centre!