Refugee Week 2024 Community Cinema

Date: June 18

Time: 07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

As part of Refugee Week 2024 we’ll be showing a short documentary and a short movie, for free on Tuesday 18th June 2024 at 7pm.

Tickets are free but should be booked by clicking here.

We’ll be screening –

  • In Vitro, dir. Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind (Running time 27m 44s) – With a cast led by Hiam Abbas (star of ‘Succession’ and ‘Ramy’), In Vitro stages a conversation between a mother and daughter, two generations of Palestinians considering what it may mean to rebuild a home one has never seen or has long lost.


  • Motherland, dir. Ellen Evan (Running time 13m 14s) – Motherland speaks to the experiences of the windrush generation and subsequent generations of Jamaicans navigating the landscape of the UK’s hostile environment.