Conditions of Let

1. The invoice for an occasional let must be paid in full at least seven days prior to the event. A let will be cancelled if payment is not received. Regular lets will be invoiced at intervals with payment due dates outlined in the invoice.

2. Deposits: A minimum of £100 deposit is required for all events outwith normal hours, and will be returned after the event if the Centre is left in a reasonable condition, and the event remains within agreed booking times (at the Centre’s discretion).

3. Decorations:  Helium balloons, candles and adhesive decorations are not permitted.

4. Smoking in the premises is strictly prohibited and the applicant must ensure that guests or staff do not contravene the relevant legislation   Failure to comply with the “No Smoking” policy will be reported to the relevant authority which could result in the applicant facing prosecution.

5. The instructions of the Service Support Officer or other staff present must be complied with at all times.

6. The Management Committee reserves the right to review and  amend the let charges on an annual basis.  On rare occasions the Centre may become unavailable for use for reasons beyond the Management Committee’s control eg. lack of janitorial cover.  On such occasions the Committee will not be liable for any loss sustained as a result of cancellation of a booking.

7. The organisation/applicant signing the application shall be held responsible for making restitution for any damage to premises or equipment.

8. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the premises are left as they were found, clean and tidy – unless special arrangements have been made with the Centre regarding setting up and clearing up for the booking.

9. The applicant shall be responsible for providing their own door stewards during social functions.

10. The applicant shall be responsible for ensuring the good behaviour of persons using the centre and that noise levels are kept within reasonable limits.

11. Any group/tutor delivering a class or activity that involves any element of risk must have their own public liability insurance. This does not apply to activities carried out under the name of the City of Edinburgh  Council.  You are responsible for any equipment or items brought into the Centre and any items left in the centre are at your own risk. The Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage of property.

12. Event organisers can only access the Centre at the times agreed on the booking form, unless previously agreed with the Centre’s Office.

13. For long term bookings the Committee must be given at least 2 weeks’ notice of cancellation or a cost will be incurred.

14. Numbers attending an event must not exceed the capacity discussed when booking the Centre.

15. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that a named person/the event organiser is aware of fire evacuation and first aid procedures.

16. Accommodation includes the use of the toilets, heating and lighting of the building, tables and seating appropriate to the activity for which it is booked.  The use of the kitchen must be negotiated with the management committee in advance.

17.  The applicant shall not have the use of any other equipment or fittings unless previously agreed with the Centre office.

18. The applicant must ensure equipment brought into the Centre for an event is safe and used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, and the applicant is responsible for any accident or injury associated with such equipment.

19. All lets must provide statistical information about participation in their activities as requested by the Centre. Failure to co-operate with such requests will result in the cancellation of future activities (Statistical information has to be provided by the Centre to the Council on the use of the building)

20. The Management Committee may apply additional charges to recover the cost of licence fees (e.g. PRS + PPL)

Additional conditions where alcohol or food are available:

21. Additional deposits:  £50 for events with alcohol.  These are returnable at the Centre’s discretion.

22.  Where alcohol is on sale, a licence must be obtained from the City of Edinburgh Council and displayed in the bar area.

23. The sale/distribution of all alcohol must cease thirty minutes before the end of the let and the premises cleared at the end of the let.

24.  Where access to the kitchen has been agreed, the organiser should hold a food hygiene qualification.

25. Outside caterers are responsible for removing all refuse and equipment on completion of the let, and leaving the kitchen clean and tidy.