Southside Community Centre – Group Info Form

The Southside Community Centre website is currently being updated. As part of the update we plan to include a page that will showcase all the groups that currently use the Centre on a regular basis. Linked from this will be individual pages giving more detailed information about each of the groups.


The information supplied (Q3 – Q14) will be used to create a profile of your group.

If you are able to help us by supplying images/videos etc please ensure that everyone featured is happy for their image to appear on the new website. If you would like our photographer to attend one of your sessions again please ensure that everyone in your group is happy to be photographed and that anyone attending the session who would rather not be photographed lets the photographer know so that we can respect their privacy.

You will have an opportunity to view your listing on the website and request edits/updates prior to the new website going live.

If you prefer you can download an MS Word version of this form which you can email to us at

This information is being collected on behalf of the Southside Community Centre by Lunaria Ltd.