Money is as innocent as the sun with Geoff Winde

Date: August 23

Time: 05:50 pm - 06:40 pm

Event Tags:climateemergency, climatejustice, communityarts, edfringe2023, spokenword

Money is as innocent as the Sun:

Story, verse and poetry that take a sideways shufty at that species distinguishing, humanity extinguishing tendency: abstraction, made flesh in that filthy, grubby legal tender trap.

A playful excavation, unearthing that unconscionable truth; we really need to start getting our hands dirty if we are to discover and save ourselves as a life on this earth.

‘Hypnotic, dazzling, inspiring, funny and beautiful. The craft is out of this world. The heart of it beats like a kick drum. The message is spot on, and the medium is perfect. Go see it.’

Andrew O’Neill

‘There are a lot of spoken word artists who play with a backup band of some kind. Not so many that do both spoken word and music at the same time — and do both things brilliantly. Geoff Winde might just be the
philosopher-poet-musician you didn’t know you were looking for.’

David Rovics


This is a free event – no booking required. Please arrive in good time.

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