Live Drama Adult Group at Southside Community Centre

Live Drama at Southside

Live Drama – Adult Drama Class

This is a mixed ability group catering for all those with an interest in drama and the performing arts. Participants have a say in what skills / themes are covered each term. The emphasis is on working together, presentation, communication and having fun.

Any drama class I have attended before has involved turning up, learning a part and performing it. It’s been all about the drama and not about the people in the group. I felt instantly comfortable when I joined this class. Even though other people have been here for years I felt included from the start. I was amazed there wasn’t a group chat already! You all seemed so close to each other!”
– Participant Feedback 2022

Who is the group for?

The classes are for anyone with an interest in drama. Previous experience is welcome but not necessary. 16+ year olds.

When does the group meet?

Wednesdays from 6.30 – 8.30pm

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