Cafe update

Southside Community Centre Association SCIO and Goodies SCIO wish to share the following joint statement around the future of our cafe.


Positive discussions between Southside Community Centre Association and Goodies has led to an agreement that Goodies will continue to operate our Centre café until 12 July 2024. After which date the centre begins to prepare for use as a Fringe venue.

Terms have been agreed between both parties which balances the responsibilities with the known needs and aspirations of Centre users, and the wider community. Discussions will start in June to review Goodies operation of the café after the summer, subject to a satisfactory review of café operations taking in place in July. We hope to be able to welcome Goodies back into the centre after the summer.

Both parties recognise that uncertainty around café provision has been a source of concern, which has at times been exacerbated by misinformation in the press. We anticipate that this development will be welcomed by all who visit the Centre.

The voices of café users, Centre users and the wider community has been heard and they will continue to feature in our decision making around the café in future.

A spokesperson for Southside Community Centre Association SCIO said: We are pleased to have found a way forward to work with Goodies and feel positive about future arrangements. We are supportive of the Goodies mission and are looking forward to working with them over the summer’

A spokesperson for Goodies SCIO said: We are happy that the Southside Community Centre have extended our tenure. We remain committed to providing high-quality service at our café and invite all café users to continue enjoying the benefits of our food pantry, affordable meals, toy corner, and discounted store, events and more!